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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guatemala Paper Doll - Printable PDF

For Mayan women from the highlands of the Central American country of Guatemala, the "Traje" (traditional dress) is a statement of her cultural and personal identity. Many Mayan textiles are hand-woven on a backstrap loom, building on weaving traditions more than a thousand years old!
Now... if you can print, cut and fold and tape, you're ready to create this beautiful Guatemalan Paper Doll in her traditional Traje Tipico!
♥ Doll to clothe (by the way, she's already wearing her "caites" or shoes") ♥ Stand ♥ "Tocado" or head piece ♥ "Refajo" or cotton skirt ♥ "Perraje" or shawl ♥ "Faja" or belt ♥ "Huipil" or blouse ♥ and a pretty little basket full of fruit.
♥ More designs to come!

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